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    Last one with my old pc,

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    Last one with my old pc,

    Mensagem  Aguinaldo Dta166 em Ter Abr 17, 2012 6:44 am

    Flight Crew Boarding

    Climbing to the upper deck

    Walking to through the upper deck

    Entering to the cockpit

    Gate jet ways off the aircraft doors and preparation for push back

    Begin to push back

    Pushing back


    Ground and air traffic movement

    Preparing for take off and takeoff and also climbing.

    Cruising and descent

    Approach and Landing phase

    Missed due to traffic on the runway 02L. Going around and landing phase

    Exit runway, taxi, park, de-board, and shut down.

    I would like to congratulate my own pc for the 10 years of flight simulator. Used Fs2002, MSFS2004 and FSX but no less the a year i decided to get back to flight sim 2004. New pc arrives tomorrow and time to load the new machine. Thank you guys....

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